Explore DISCOGRAPHIC RESEARCH CENTRE, a unique archive by KAMAL featuring 10,000+ Gramophone Records, Tapes, and cultural artifacts - oldest sound recording collections


Discover music's pivotal role in the silent cinema era—serving as support, advertisement, and a solution to technical challenges, effectively engaging audiences

Priceless Collections

7000+ gramophone records dating back to 1902. From Baroda's kabari bazaars, he holds rare pieces, including a 1910 record. Explore his fascinating collection

Record Labels

Record Labels - ARCHIVES OF MUSIC AND DISCOGRAPHIC RESEARCH CENTRE by Narendra Shrimali - world's oldest sound recording collections

Rare Records

Rare Record – Archive of Music by Narendra Shrimali – holder of rare pieces, with 10,000+ Gramophone Records, Tapes, and cultural material


Explore KAMAL’s journey of Archive of Music through his Gallery - world's oldest sound recording collector

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Go through the media of Archive of Music – one of the oldest sound recording collections with rare records holder – KAMAL aka Narendra Shrimali

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